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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Good Blog - Tasty Traditions by Vasi

Tasty Traditions by Vasi (

Tasty Pickles: Hot-Sweet-Sour Orange or Citron Pachadi (spicy citrus peel in a tamarind sauce)
This is a pickle, though referred to as pachadi, using oranges or citrons (naarthangai). It can be used as a side dish like vathakkuzhambu, or stored for a couple of weeks or longer in the fridge, and used as a pickle.


1 C diced seville or bitter orange (picture), or regular orange, or citron (naarthangai) pieces (seeds removed)
2" diameter ball of fresh tamarind
1/3 C
Snacks: Nonbu Adai/Kozhukkattai
Wednesday last week, (March 14, 2007), was kaaradaiyaan nonbu. It is a nonbu/feast/festival conducted by women for the well-being and long life of their spouses, as well as by little girls to get good husbands. This is the time when the Tamil month of Maasi ends, and Panguni begins. The mythological Savitri is said to have made these simple steamed adais/cakes/dumplings in gratitude
Snacks: Masala Pori (Spicy Puffed-Rice)
There is a humble snack that is prepared at homes, or is sold in many parts of India, with slight variations in taste. It is nothing but pori (puffed rice/murmura/kurmura) dressed up in different, usually spicy, ways. The pori whose recipe I've written below is typical to parts of Tamilnadu, makes a nice filler snack, is fairly healthy, and if you add a handful of peanuts, sesame seeds,
Tasty Traditions Snacks: Pidi Kozhukkattai
Pidi Kozhukkattai (meaning, fist-shaped dumplings) are a favorite snack in many parts of South India. There are many kinds of dumplings or kozhukkattai with or without filling, savory or sweet, steamed or deep-fried, but this here is an easy one. I shall post recipes for the others later. Pidi-kozhukkattai is a traditional food item that can be made with or without much oil. Either way,
Pickles -- Veppilaikkatti (Spiced Citrus Leaf Mince)
This post demonstrates how "veppilai katti" is prepared. I still wonder why it was named so! You will be fooled if you think that it is made from "veppilai" or neem leaves. Neem leaves are the bitter, medicinal leaves of the neem tree. While this pickle seems to indicate that it is made of neem leaves, it has no neem leaves in it whatsoever. The leaves used in this pickle are the tender
This week: Pickles -- Ginger-Date-Green Chilli-Thokku
Here's is an unusual take on a traditional favorite -- "puli inji" or ginger in tamarind sauce. The recipe below, "Ginger, date, green chilli thokku" -- is a spicy, tangy, delicately sweet pickle that is an all-season winner, and is a thicker version of the puli-inji. In this updated version, the ingredients are minced to coarsely ground together prior to cooking. The intense spiciness
Tasty Traditions This Week: Pickles -- Mango Thokku
Hi everyone! Here is a simple and delicious mango thokku recipe. Mango thokku, also called thogayal maangaai, is a pickle prepared in kitchens in the South. When mangoes abound in the Summer, we prepare this pickle for the season. The thokku, properly stored and maintained, lasts for up to 6 months; I like to store my pickle jar/bottle in the fridge to retain its freshness.

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