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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thiruvanmiyur Kalakshetra Road

Kalakshetra literally means a holy place of arts (Kala : Arts, Kshetra :
Field or Holy place).

It is in South Chennai Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041 - 044 24520836

Deriving inspiration from this noble ideal, Kalakshetra was established,but nowadays it is been in news for wrong reasons -

Kalakshetra and Christianity

Thiruvanmiyur Bus Depot

Thiruvanmiyur Bus Depot has buses to all parts of City

1, 1A to Central, Tirvotriyur
T 51 to Tambaram
47D to Ambattur OT via T Nagar, Annanagar
23C to Ayanavaram
29C to PErambur
19cut to Kelambakkm

Temple for Sage Valimiki - Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Sage Valimiki (Valmneeki) temple is next to Tiruvanmiyur Bus Stand

Thirukovilur Veerataneshwar Temple - Famous for Bhairavar

Thirukovilur Bhairava Temple

Thirukovilur is one of the "Ashta Veeratanams" [Ashta - eight Veeratanam - Place of Bravery].

Lord Shiva took various forms(incarnations) to destroy evil and establish justice, of which eight Avatars(forms) are very famous and Tirukoilur is one of them. Ambal (meaning Mother) [better half of lord Shiva],is called as "Brhan nayaki" [Brahan - universe Nayaki - Leader/Queen]. She is called the Queen of the Universe/ Mother of all beings in the Universe.

Lord Shiva's temple has a separate sannadhi[sacred room] for Lord Ganesha, which has historical and epic importance. Here is the place where "Avvaiyar"[Tamil Poetess - Tamil king's court had many Women Poetess, Ministers and Warriors] got the blessings of Ganesha and wrote the famous verse "VINAYAGAR AGAVAL" , which has wonderful Yoga Techniques and has lot of Meta-Physics in it. Tirukoilur had scholars in all fields of Science and Arts and has an important place in South Indian History.

Thirukovilur - Ulagalanda Perumal Temple - Thiruvikrama Perumal

Thirukovilur - Ulagalanda Perumal Temple - Thiruvikrama Perumal Temple

A place where Shri Mahavishnu after Vamana Avatar - grows and asks for the place for his third feet. There is a similar temple in Kanchipuram

The main difference here is the god will lift the right leg here.

There is also a Rama temple in the premises

This temple is very near to Tirukoilur busstand. Other temples are AraikandaNallur and Veeratanam

Pamban Swamy Temple - Thiruvanmiyur

Pamban Swamy Temple, Chennai - is 1 KM from Thiruvanmiyur Bus Stand. Near Kalakshetra

It is walkable from the bus stand. There is a pooja @ 10:00 am which one should be there to feel it

Om Muruga!

Thirukovilur - Arai Kanda Nallur - Shiva Temple

How to go to Thirukovilur - AraianiNallur - Shiva Temple

Thirukovilur is a sacred place - there are 23 temples around Thirukovilur. One of that is the famous Soundara Kanagambai samedha Adulya nadeshwara Temple - Arai Kanda Nallur

Director V.K. Kannan (+91 93624 08984) was always leading from the front in this yatra too.

Singaperumal Koil - Maths Professor Guru Vishwanathan

There is a tree behind Narasimha Swamy Temple in Singa Perumal Koil. If one ties a thread from their saree/shirt to this tree they will become a renowed person.

You will find Director V.K. Kannan (+91 93624 08984) performing the pooja there.

Vyagrapureeswarar temple (Siva Siva) - Pulippara temple GST Road - Chennai - Chengalpattu

Shiva Temple on GST Road - Chennai - Chengalpattu with 'Siva Siva'

Pulippara temple - Shri Vyagrapadeswarar Swamy Temple (Swayambu Murthy) - GST Road

This temple can be noticed from the GST road- After Pulipakkam

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Cricket Ground around Adyar/Thiruvanmiyur

There is a good play ground in Nellai Nadar School, Kottivakkam

. A good one for Cricket/Football

They have good Nets for practice and ample parking space

Nellai Nadar School Canteen serves breakfast, lunch and mineral water, Tata Gluco+ etc
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