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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kanchi Bus Stand

Cheyyar - the China of India

SIPCOT Industrial Complex has brought Cheyyar to limelight. There are many factories there

In the Thirruvannamalai district of Tamil Nandu, Cheeyar is a taluka district. It is situated about 40 Km south west of Kanchipuram .Cheyyar is well connected by road ,rail and air to the other places .The nearest railway stations are Kanchipuram Railway Station and Arni Road Railway Station .The nearest airport is the Chennai International Airport and Chennai is located in the north east of this town .Cheyyar is located between Arcot and Vandavasi on the State Highway.

It is believed that Lord Vedapureeshwarar imparted spiritual guidance to the heavenly bodies about the Vedas at this place and since then this place came to be known as Thiruvothur. Thiruvathipuram, Tiruvettipuram and Tiruvattiyur are the other names of this place. On the northern banks of the Cheyyar the Vedapureeshwarar Temple (Vedanatheshwarar Temple) is located .It is also said that Saint Thirugnanasambanthar converted a male palm tree into a female palm tree at this holy place. The places located near Cheyyar are Vakkadai, Anakkavur, Moranam, Mamandur and Virambakkam.

The main occupations of the people living in Cheyyar are Agriculture and weaving. The rice mills of Cheyyar provide employment to a lot of people. The Cheyyar cooperative Sugar mill is one of the largest sugar mills in the country. Previously, Cheyyar was not an industrial region, it is becoming an industrial region following the establishment of the industrial complex by the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) Limited It is becoming the next investment destination of the companies after Sriperumbudur and Oragadam.

The unique tea stall where I had a good black coffee and mineral water

This hotel was busy in the morning and when I returned around 9:00 pm .. the entire Cheyyar busstand was empty sparing a sweet shop which made busy sales

Arani busstand

Located in the Thiruvannamalai district of the state, Arani is one of the most important Silk centers of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated at a distance of 132 kms to the West of Chennai and at the intersection 79o 16’ Longitude and 12o39’ latitude.

Spread over an area of 11.62 sq. kms. Arani is the second largest town in the district of Thiruvannamalai. With a population of over 0.69 lakhs, the economy of the town revolves around the manufacture of Silks Sarees products.

Arani is on the Kanchi- Tiruvannamalai route. If you are having good stomach you can have the hot samosas they sell there ..

Renigunta Railway Station


Probably not the best image. But if I remember Renigunta station it is for the sumptuous breakfast and dinner. For Rs 20/- you can have 3 idlis and one vada (a real combo treat)

Hyderabad - Tirutanni Train, Chennai - Tirutanni Train,

Kacheguda express from Hyderabad stops in Tirutani railway station. The station has cloack room and excellent first class waiting hall facility. You can have rest here and visit the temple. There is also devastanam cottages and guest houses


Tiruttani Lord Subrahmanya Temple

Tiruttani Lord Subrahmanya Temple

Tirutanni from Hyderabad and Chennai

Tiruttani Lord Subrahmanya Temple
rTiruttani Lord Subrahmanya Temple
Tiruttani Lord Subrahmanya Temple
Tiruttani Lord Subrahmanya Temple

Tiruttani is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya and is situated in Tiruvallur district. Tiruttani is the Fifth Padai Veedu of Lord Muruga. It is 84 km away from north west chennai . The temple is situated on a hillock. Three Hundred and Sixty five Steps lead to the shrine, each step representing a day of the year.

Lord murugan fiercely fight with Surapadma at Tiruchendur, the anger of muruga wanted to reduce his anger. He reached Tiruttani Hill to reduce his anger, that is why Tiruttani is called as Thanigai malai. Tiruttani is also known by many other names. That is Purnagiri, Kshanikachalam, Mooladri, Neelotpala.

Tiruttani temple is located on Chennai – Mumbai Railway route. It is about 13 Kms North from Arokkanam Railway Junction; 43 Kms North from Kancheepuram and 84 Kms West from Chennai (Via Thiruvallur). Tirupathi is about 66 Kms, North from Tiruttani. Convenient and good transport facilities by road and rail are available from Tiruttani to all parts of the nation

There are trains to Tirutanni from Hyderabad and Chennai

Tiruttani - Guest Houses

Tiruttani with the famous temple dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya is situated 51 miles away from Madras, on the way to Tirupati, on the railway line to Bombay
There is also bus servic from the guest house to the temple

Kanchipuram Mukhteeshwarar temple

Kanchipuram Mukhteeshwarar temple
Kanchipuram Mukhteeshwarar temple

Mukteswara Temple is on Gandhi Road. This temple is dedicated to washerman community

How to go to Kanchipuram from Hyderabad

If you want to visit Kanchi from Hyderabad, take the Kachiguda express and get down @ Arakonam. From there it is 45 mins journey

There are good number of hotels to stay in Kancheepuram

Good Hotel in Kanchipuram - GRT Regency

SH 58
Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu 631501
044 2722 5250

There is also Jayabala International .. adjacent to it which is also good

Good Hotel in Kanchipuram

Hotel Jayabala International, Kancheepuram

The hotels is decent and has a good restaurnat - Saravana Bhavan beside it

Hotel Jayabala International (224348), 504 Gandhi Rd

There is also a silk showroom near by

SRI KB SIILKS 504, Gandhi Road ( Hotel Jayabala Complex , Beside Hotel Saravana Bhavan ) Kanchipuram - 631501. 044 -27224561 044 -27224348

Hyderabad - Tiruvannamalai Train/Bus

Arunachalam - Thiruvanamalai ... the most sacred place on earth. Land of Rishis .. Gnanis .. Gurus

The nearest railway station from Hyderabad is Arakonam
Lord Arunachaleshwara Temple, Thiruvanamalai
oLord Arunachaleshwara Temple, Thiruvanamalai

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