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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kundrathur Temples - Rahu Sthalam, Perumal Temple and Shiva Temples

Kundrathur Temples - Vada Nageswaram (Raghu Sthalam), Shiva, Perumal and Murugan Temples

If Lord has made St Sekhizhar - the one who wrote Periyapuranam to be born in Kundrathur, then the place will definitely have something extra special.

There are lot of temples in and around Kundrathur - St Sekizhar has a separate shrine too. Few of them are

  • Sri Nageswarar Temple - Vada Nageshwaram
  • Kandhazheeswarar Temple
  • Thiru Ooraga Perumal Temple
  • Kundrathur Murugan Temple

Kundrathur Temple Circuit

Sri Nageswara Swamy Temple - Vada Nageswaram (Chennai's Rahu Sthalam)- Kundrathur 

 This temple is considered the Raahu Sthalam among 9 Navagraha Temples of Chennai (or Thondai Mandalam). The Naagar around the deity is considered the ‘Raahu’ for worship. Parihaarams (remedial worship) for Raahu are done here, especially during Raahu Kethu Peyarchi and also during Raahu Kaalam (4.30 pm to 06.00 pm) on Sundays.

Sri Nagai Mugai Valli Sameda Kandhazheeswarar temple, Kundrathur

This is an ancient Shiva temple a 10 minutes walk from Kundrathur Bus Stand on the Murugan temple road. Lord Shiva - Kandhazheeshwara - Kandhu means attachment and Azhi means removal of attachment – Lord who removed material attachments – Kandhazheeswarar blesses with grace. The Goddess - Nagai Mugai Valli - Smiling Face Ambal is so gracious that you can move away from her
Lord Shiva is also as Valeeshwara - a gigantic Shivalinga here

Thiru Uraga Perumal Temple, Kundrathur

Thiru Ooraga Perumal temple is very close to Kandhazeehswarar temple. Perumal is in standing form similar to Tirupati Balaji and Mahalakshmi shrine is adjacent to that. One will tend to skip her as the shrine is concealed. Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita Ma grace along with Hanuman in the prakara

Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple, Kundrathur

After conquering the demons in Tiruporur, Lord Muruga proceeded to Tiruthani in a happy mood. He installed a Shiva Linga and performed Shiva Puja on His way with deep meditation. This temple was later built by Kulothunga Chozha. Lord Shiva, worshipped by Muruga graces in the name of Kandleeswarar in a separate shrine. Lord Vishnu, Lord Dakshinamurthy and Mother Durga grace on the sanctum walls of Lord Muruga shrine. Lord Kasi Viswanatha, Mother Visalakshi, Lord Vinayaka, Bhairava, Navagrahas the nine planets and Nagar (serpent deities) shrines are in the prakara.

This is a hill temple - 80 + steps lead to Lord Ganesha who blesses us before proceeding to Lord Subramanya. There is also a road on the hillock for motor vehicles

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Puzhal Shiva Temple - Trimoolanathar Swarnambikai Temple

Arulmigu Swarnambikai Sameda Adhimoola Nathar Temple, Puzhal, Chennai

Puzhal is a small town on Chennai-Redhills route. Less than a kilometre from the Puzhal prison is the Shiva temple that cures all Mental Stress and illness 

If you are going from Chennai, you've to cross the Puzhal prison Shop and take a right before the bus stop and head strait to the road. There is a beautiful Jain temple on this lane (this can be a landmark too). A few hundred metres from the Jain temple stands the 1000 year old Trimulanathar Swarnambikai temple

A tank opposite to the temple shows the grandeur and the float festivals that happen. There is ample parking near the tank

The entrance leads directly to Swarnambikai. On the left is Lord Vinayagar with all grace 

After worshipping him we enter to the Inner Mandapam housing Lord Shiva and  Paravathi

Lord Tirumoolanathar attracts one very easily with his kindness. The Lingam is big and faces east. In the same Mandapam Lordess Swarnambikai showers her blessings . On Purnima days special abhishekam is performed for curing Mental illness 

The inner Praharam is dotted with Lord Ganesh, Dakshinamoorthi, Lord Valli Deivanai Subramaniya , Lordess Saraswathi and Durga

The outer Praharam has Lord Kasi Vishwanathar and Visalakshi full of kindness 

The Prasadam stall nearby attracts with irresistible Hot Pongal

Navagraha is on the eastern side of Praharam. The spacious Praharam for Navagraha 

This temple also has shrines for Sarabeshwarar and Pratyangara Devi

There is a Ghosala and well maintained Nandavanam

A must visit place very near to chennai 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hayagreeva temple in South Chennai

Narayana took the avatara as Hayagreeva (A man's body with a horse's head), fought with demons (Madhu & Kaitaba) and saved the Vedas. Since Hayagreeva rescued the Vedas, which are the essence of all knowledge, Hayagreeva is worshipped as the God of Knowledge.

Usually Hayagreevar is seen along with Sri Lakshmi in many places. But in Chettipunyam He is seen meditating in Yogic posture with his legs folded. Many students visit this temple with their pens, pencils, hall tickets etc. keep them at the Lord’s feet before taking their exams. 

Chettippunyam village is located about 30 kms from Tambaram on west of GST Road, after Singaperumal Koil. It's opposite to Mahindra City 

The main deity here is Sri Varadharaja Perumal and Goddess Sri Hemambuja Nayagi. The Urchavar of this temple is Sri Devanaadha Perumal. Sri Devanaadha Perumal is seen here with Prayoga Chakra on His right hand, which is a rare sight.

Many come to this temple for aksharabhyasam 

There is a small stall selling Sweet Pongal, Adhirasam, Murukku and 'Perumal Koil' Puliyodharai 

Where is Hayagreeva temple near Tambaram

Chettipunyam - opposite to Mahindra world city is where Hayagreeva temple is located 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Good Restaurant on Chennai Kalahasthi/Kolkatta highway

Sree Sai Saravana Hotel near Thachur is a good vegetarian hotel. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in plantain leaves 

Toilet facilities are available there 

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