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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Namakkal - Shri Narasimha Swamy Temple

Nammakal is famous for Anjaneya/Hanuman temple. Seldom many know that it was Narasimha who is opposite to the Hanuman temple who brought Hanuman here in the first place. During the Lanka war Hanuman took the Sanjeevi Parvatha to cure Lord Lakshmana. He then placed the Parvata back to the Himalayas and took a Saligramam (which was worshipped by Prahalada) back to Lord Rama. On his way to Lanka he stopped for a while to perform Sandhya and placed the Saligramam in Namakkal .. the Saligramam grew in stature as a hillock - Namagiri. Lordess Lakshmi who was doing penance finally got her Lord in the form of Narasimha. On Lord's advice Shri Anjaneya stays here worshipping Lord for ever. Beautiful temple - 1 hr drive from Salem. Lots of buses

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tambaram Railway Station

Railway stations are always nostalgic. The Idly-Vada, Chai-Coffee noises ... the hurry-burry of Executives .. the macho dads who alight the train to surprise their wives and kids.. it is the essence of a Railway station Tambaram Railway stations doesn't miss any of

Sarabeshwara Temple Near Annanagar, Koyambedu Chennai

Rahu Kala Worship - Sarabeshwara Temple - Koyambedu Chennai
This temple is in a lane adjacent to Sridevi Hospitals, Koyambedu. The temple - Kurugaleeshwar Temple is a Shiva temple - there is also a old Vishnu temple to the left. Lord Sarabeshwara is before the entrance of Shiva temple. The lord is on a pillar along with Shri Narasimha Swamy. Rahu kala pooja is famous here. Come here on a Sunday and partipate in the 'kootu vahipadu' and get blessed

Karaikudi Sivan Temple

Thirukovilur - Raghothama Swamigal Brindavanam

Thirukovilur - Rathothama Swamigal Brindavanam / Thirukovilur - Brindavanam

Brindavanam is located 1 km near the River Bridge. An orange arch welcomes you. More Kannadigas throng the place as they know about the Saint

Legend has it that a King was without child for long and Raghottama's guru prayed for his offspring with the condition that the first male child will be donated to his Ashram

The first child is Raghottam Swamy - he was a deep Rama bhakta

The Ashram has an Adhistanam.


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How to go to Kanchipuram from Hyderabad

If you want to visit Kanchi from Hyderabad, take the Kachiguda express and get down @ Arakonam. From there it is 45 mins journey

There are good number of hotels to stay in Kancheepuram

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