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Monday, December 31, 2012

Financial Planner in Chennai

A simple financial planning can help you save lot of money. Araamudhan (+919884868252) of Chennai helps you do exactly the same. Here is his trick he follows

He plans with a small scheme (Post Office or LIC and then starts investing the same in A Recurring Deposit / Fixed Deposit and its interest in a Simple Deposit. This way the money (which is left idle) is intelligently invested to get good returns

How to give Annadanam in Tiruvannamalai

Caterers in Tiruvannamalai for Annadanam

No need to say about Annadanam - you have already searched and come here and it means you know the greatness of this. Annadanam is Tiruvannamalai is most reverred. We were trying to do this for long-time; just now we got the blessings from Shri Arunachaleshwara and Unnamulai Ambal to do it.

It came in the form of Mr Ayyampillai who redirected us to Srinivasan (+919443541570)

He runs Hotel Srinivasa, 127, Chengam Road, Thiruvannamalai (Very near to Agni Lingam). He is not tired of making dishes for Annadanam

A variety rice (Pongal, Tomato Rice etc) dish for 1000 people (in Thonnai) would cost around Rs 3,000. If you are packing it and distributing, you can have 500 packets out of it.

Please feel free to call him @ (+91 94435 41570 or +91 94862 47419) and tell him in advance. He will make the necessary arangements for you.

Please feel free to call the following Girivalam Team if you require any help

Giridhara Gopalan (Guruji) - +919841124227
Dhuvaraga Prasad - +919840707247
Shasur - 8807534215

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