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Monday, December 31, 2012

Financial Planner in Chennai

A simple financial planning can help you save lot of money. Araamudhan (+919884868252) of Chennai helps you do exactly the same. Here is his trick he follows

He plans with a small scheme (Post Office or LIC and then starts investing the same in A Recurring Deposit / Fixed Deposit and its interest in a Simple Deposit. This way the money (which is left idle) is intelligently invested to get good returns

How to give Annadanam in Tiruvannamalai

Caterers in Tiruvannamalai for Annadanam

No need to say about Annadanam - you have already searched and come here and it means you know the greatness of this. Annadanam is Tiruvannamalai is most reverred. We were trying to do this for long-time; just now we got the blessings from Shri Arunachaleshwara and Unnamulai Ambal to do it.

It came in the form of Mr Ayyampillai who redirected us to Srinivasan (+919443541570)

He runs Hotel Srinivasa, 127, Chengam Road, Thiruvannamalai (Very near to Agni Lingam). He is not tired of making dishes for Annadanam

A variety rice (Pongal, Tomato Rice etc) dish for 1000 people (in Thonnai) would cost around Rs 3,000. If you are packing it and distributing, you can have 500 packets out of it.

Please feel free to call him @ (+91 94435 41570 or +91 94862 47419) and tell him in advance. He will make the necessary arangements for you.

Please feel free to call the following Girivalam Team if you require any help

Giridhara Gopalan (Guruji) - +919841124227
Dhuvaraga Prasad - +919840707247
Shasur - 8807534215

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to come to TCS Training Centre, Karapakkam - Chennai

This centre is opposite to TCS Karappakam branch. This is the landmark. There is a busstop near this centre. T51 and other White board buses only stop here. The Stop name is TCS, Karappakam T51 connects East Tambaram and Thiruvanmiyur. There are lot of Service Autos/Share Autos from Shollinganallur and Tidel Park to this place. If you are coming by Train, alight in Tiruvanmiyur station Anyone coming from Koyambedu can take Route 570 bus and alight in Karappakam stop Welcome to Chennai. Please let us know your experiences as part of comments

The Town Hall - TCS Service Apartments, Thoraipakkam Chennai

The Town Hall - TCS Service Apartments, Thoraipakkam is Opposite to Sangeetha Restuarant, Thoraipakkam. A few metres away from ICICI Bank if you are travelling from Tiruvanmiyur/Perungudi will have a Mubarak Medicals. Take the lane near the medical shop to reach the place. Please provide feedback of the place in ths post for others

Surutappalli Chennai - Shiva Temple - Pallikondeshwaram

Shiva Temple Near Chennai - Shiva in Sleeping Posture When I heard this from Velumani Sir, we were eager to visit. The ever youth Dhuvaraga Prasath Mohanram who used to be the first person for any pilgrimage, was bit reluctant to come. Later we came to know he had a project delivery and was working without good rest for a week. But we had the plans in place and Prasath led us the way. Palli Kondeswarar - Shiva is seen in reclining posture in the lap of Parvathi, which is typical of Ranganatha temples of Vishnu. The temple was built during the late Vijayanagara period and the deity here is termed as Bhoga sayana Siva.The Sanctum Sanctori in this unique temple has a beautiful stone from (vigraha) of Lord shiva lying down on earth resting his head on the leaps of his consort PArvathi, instead of the usual ‘Lingam’ The gurukal said that after the Devas and Asuras churned 'Parkadal' using Vasuki, the Giant Cobra emitted the Aala Kala Poison. Lord Shiva who drank the Poison for the goodness of world fell on the ground before Lordess Parvathi took him in his Lap. The deity is a giant and beautiful one - must visit for everyone Pradosham started in this Place w

Siruvapuri Murugan Temple - Red Hills, Chennai

Siruvapuri is located about 40 kms from Chennai on Chennai Tirupati highway. The temple is located about 3 km off the highway. One will be astonished to see the way leading to the temple town from the main road has lush green fields and banana plantations on either side. Yes! this place is very near to the concrete jungle of Chennai but untouched (till date to an extent). History of the temple has that Lava and Kusa, the sons of Rama lived in this place. Once when Rama was passing this place, they have fought a war with Rama himself without knowing that he was their father. As the young children waged a war here, the place was called as Siruvar Por Puri. (Siruvar means children, Por Puri means waging a war, in Thamizh). This place is now called as Chinnambedu, which originally was Siruvar Ambu Edu (children who took their arrows for the fight). This temple has close links to Kusalapuresshwara Temple, Koyambedu Some hundreds of years back there lived a lady called Murugammai in this village. She had been a very ardent devotee of Lord Muruga here. She always used to chant His name and praying Him, for years. Her husband who didn't like her worshipping all the time was warning her to stop it. But she never listened to him and her husband one day cut her arms off out of anger. Even then, Murugammai cried for help only with Lord Muruga. The Lord who was pleased with her bhakti, made her hands join even without the signs of any wound. Lord Muruga here is called Śrī Balasubramanyar and is said to be powerful, granting the wishes of devotees. This beautiful temple also has Śrī Annamalaiyar (Lord Shiva) and Śrī Unnamulai Amman. The utsava moorthy of Lord Muruga is seen as Valli Manalar in a wedding posture with Śrī Valli. Lord Muruga here is believed to grant wishes for those intend to buy or construct a house. Many people who wish to buy a house visit Lord Muruga here for blessings to fulfill their wish. A unique feature of this temple is the Maragatha Mayil (Peacock) the carrier of Lord Muruga made of green stone.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ajantha Flats - Tirumangalam, Annanagar, Chennai

Construction is in full swing in Green Peace Ajantha Flats - Near West Depot, Annanager, Thi is opposite to Rohini Flats .. a old enclave

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vadapalani Paranjothi Baba Adhistanam - Pal Nallur Near Vallam Village (Oragadam - Sriperumbudur Road)

First Guru Pooja of Vadapalani Paranjothi Baba happened in Pal Nallur off Vallam village -

You can take Bus route 593 from Tambaram and get down in Vallam village  and take an auto to go to Pal nallur. Contact Karthikeyan +91 97899 09359 for further details

all Oragadam

Currently the Adhishtanam is under a Corrugated Roof Shed. Plans are there to build a permanent structure (as shown below)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tiruvannalai Raja Gopuram - Evening Pictures with Full Moon

Madurai Meenakshi Amman High Quality Images

Where is Pothys in Madurai / Madurai Pothys Branch

How to go to Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple - Vellore from Chennai

Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple is on the Bangalore Highway. Three hours from Koyambedu Good road and lot of motels for replenishment and refreshments on the way

How to go to Padavedu Renugambal Temple from Chennai

Padavedu is the birth place of Shri Parsurama. Renugambal Temple is siutated on the foothills of Javvathu Hills in a beautiful location. It is four hours drive from Chennai.

There are two routes
Chennai - Tindivanam - Tiruvannamalai - Padavedu

Chennai - Sriperumbudur - Vellore - Padavedu

We took the second one There are nine temples around this area. The sacred ash from the Padavedu Amman temple is from the Yagna kundam of shri Parasurama. You need to be blessed to be with Renugambal. Shri Seshadri Swamigal stayed in this place for two days before arriving in Thiruvannamalai
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