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Friday, August 26, 2011

Karaneeswarar Temple Saidapet, Chennai

I have been living in Chennai for close to twenty years and never knew this temple for most of my life. When I moved out of Chennai, I read about this temple and its grace.

From that day I am yearning to visit this temple, but never happened. One day my good friend and our spiritual guruji Dhuvaraga Prasath Mohanram told that he is (or was) a regular there and his shoulders were reserved for Lord Muruga's chariot/palanquin. This kindled my hope that I will eventually visit this temple


This temple is close to Saidapet Railway station. Just 50 m walk from the station gate.

I took a train and alighted in Saidapet station. As I got down the station, got the darshan of the Rajagopuram - a seven storied structure.

There was a footpath that apperared to lead to the temple, I resisted that and came out of the main gate, which lead direct to the Karaneeswar temple street. Yes, this is what I want. Let's start the journey!

On entering the temple, Vinayaga welcomes us on left in a small temple. After getting his permission and blessings, I entered the temple. As I turn left, Lord Shiva as Karaneeswar gave his darshan right there. The time was 5:15 pm - middle of nithya pradosham ... I can't write the mood I was when I saw the god. It was simple great. The peaceful atmosphere created a great impact deep in my heart.

There was a fan near the fag end of barricade and I sat there chanting Om Nama Shivaya for some time and then moved around the Sanctum. Lord Vinayaga, Lord Dakshinamurthi, Lord Vishnu and Lordess Durga were around the Sanctum to bless the disciples.

As we turn straight and left from Shiva temple, Lordess Swarnambigai always ready to bless her foolish Sons and daughters was present.

What a grace. I recited few lines of Abirami Andadi (that's what this fool know till now) and came out and walked round the prakaram

The prakaram has many small temples, Lord Subramanya, Lord Saneeswara, Lord Vedagireeswar, Lord Palaniandy, Lord Hanuman and Navagraha temple

Have a nice trip!

Om Ganeshaya Namaha! Om Nama Shivaya! Om Sakthi! Om Saravana Bhava!

Om Satguru Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadike!

Om Varahi Namaha!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flora and Fauna in Saduragiri

Saduragiri - the land of Siddhars is abundant with many animals and birds. As you move up you will hear different sounds of birds, insects.

Beware there are some snakes too. We saw a small snake gulping a little frog.

Temples in Saduragiri

There are many temples in Saduragiri. The first one is Vinayagar temple (Ganesh temple). Better to break some coconuts here for a safe journey

Adjacent to Lord Ganesh is the Kali Mata temple. Perform a Aarti here and take the next step

A few meters away from this temple is the Pechi Amman Temple and Karuppanna Swamy temple. Take the vibudhi of Karuppanasamy with you on the journey. He is the Kaval DEivam of this area and will ensure your safe return

On top you have another Karuappana Swamy temple. Next to it is a Well where the water was used to make gold by mixing some leaves

Saduragiri is a place of Siddhars. Every temple here is visited by thousands of Siddars. Some may stand next to you when you pray. You will feel it when you pray!

Monday, August 22, 2011

How to go to Saduragiri (from Chennai) - Part 2

In How to go to Saduragiri (from Chennai) - Part 1 we took you from Chennai to Srivilliuputtur and from there to Thaniparai. Now join us in the trek towards Sundara Mahalingam and Santhana Mahalingam temple, Saduragiri.

Om Namah Shivaya!

The initial few hundred metres will be normal footpath. Lord Vinayaga will be the first to bless you before the climb ahead followed by Kali temple and then Karuppanasamy and Amman temple.

After the initial 'walk' the climb starts with a Vazhukku parai (slippery rock), there are steps carved now and one need not worry. But better to be careful!

The total distance of Saduragiri hills will be close to nine kilometers

The climb will be steep in some places and some places it will be a plain walk. On right will be the mountain and on the left will be the beautiful valley. There are many springs and waterfalls on the way to top

How to go to Saduragiri (from Chennai) - Part 1

How to Go To Saduragiri / Sathuragiri (Land of Siddhars) by Train / Bus

Saduragiri is a place of Siddhars. It consists of Five hills and two Shiva temples on top of them apart from many deities and places enroute.

This post is a small hint for you to undertake the devotional yatra to Saduragiri. Om Nama Shivaya! Om Saduguru Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadike

There is a train till Srivilliputhur from Chennai - Podigai Express. Get down in Srivilliputhur and refresh in a hotel. There are many good lodges around the city. We stayed in Hotel Sasitharan, not a bad one but without lifts and A/C
Hotel Sasitharan, Srivilliputhur

The railway stations is quite far from the city. You need to take an auto to enter the city. There are many share autos available too

Better book an auto that takes you the hotel and till the base of Saduragiri hills. They charge Rs 300/- for doing this both. We hired Muthu - a young chap who co-operated with us very well.
Srivilliputhur Temple from Distance
The journey to the city from Railway station comes with a scenic experience of Sri Andal Temple's Rajagopuram.

After you are done with refreshments have your breakfast at Kathiravan hotel, a famous one in Srivilliputur, They serve good vegetarian food. The have unique billing system (it will require another post - )

Once you are done with your breakfast stock yourself with Water bottles, Glucose, Electral, some medicines etc and start your journey to Thaniparai - the base camp for Saduragiri hills.

Thaniparai is where the Saduragiri journey starts. It is advisable to carry minimum luggage and walk bare foot. Better to stay on top and return the next day. There are some basic facilities on top which you need to adjust.

Relax for a while before climbing and take enough nourishments here. For first timers better equip yourself with rehydrating drinks. There are no shops enroute, Be prepared!

Om Namah Shivaya!

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to go to Loyola college from Egmore/Central/Tambaram

Loyolla college is well connected by road, rail and air . Nungambakkam is the nearest station for the college. There is a separate entrance near the station.

Adi Kesava Perumal Temple - Mylapore / Vedantha Desigar Devasthanam, Mylapore

Adi Kesava Perumal Temple - Mylapore / Vedantha Desigar Devasthanam, Mylapore is close to a kilometer from Kapaleshwar temple tank. There are many temples around this area

The temple is close to Vedanda Desigar Devasthanam which houses Hyagreevar, Srinivasa and Narasimhar-Chakrathalvar sannidis

The entrance to temple has a small open area where lot of kids play cricket


Temple tank -Chitakulam is on the other side of road

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