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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thirukovilur - Raghothama Swamigal Brindavanam

Thirukovilur - Rathothama Swamigal Brindavanam / Thirukovilur - Brindavanam

Brindavanam is located 1 km near the River Bridge. An orange arch welcomes you. More Kannadigas throng the place as they know about the Saint

Legend has it that a King was without child for long and Raghottama's guru prayed for his offspring with the condition that the first male child will be donated to his Ashram

The first child is Raghottam Swamy - he was a deep Rama bhakta

The Ashram has an Adhistanam.


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Anonymous said...

are you sleeping inside the main hall of the madam ? Exactly which location is this ?

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