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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surutappalli Chennai - Shiva Temple - Pallikondeshwaram

Shiva Temple Near Chennai - Shiva in Sleeping Posture When I heard this from Velumani Sir, we were eager to visit. The ever youth Dhuvaraga Prasath Mohanram who used to be the first person for any pilgrimage, was bit reluctant to come. Later we came to know he had a project delivery and was working without good rest for a week. But we had the plans in place and Prasath led us the way. Palli Kondeswarar - Shiva is seen in reclining posture in the lap of Parvathi, which is typical of Ranganatha temples of Vishnu. The temple was built during the late Vijayanagara period and the deity here is termed as Bhoga sayana Siva.The Sanctum Sanctori in this unique temple has a beautiful stone from (vigraha) of Lord shiva lying down on earth resting his head on the leaps of his consort PArvathi, instead of the usual ‘Lingam’ The gurukal said that after the Devas and Asuras churned 'Parkadal' using Vasuki, the Giant Cobra emitted the Aala Kala Poison. Lord Shiva who drank the Poison for the goodness of world fell on the ground before Lordess Parvathi took him in his Lap. The deity is a giant and beautiful one - must visit for everyone Pradosham started in this Place w

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