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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pazhaya Seevaram Narasimha Temple / Tirumukkoodal Appan Venkatesa Perumal Temples

Pazhaya Seevaram Lakshmi Narashimhar Temple - A Santha Narasimha Temple

We have seen Narasimha mostly in Ugra posture and at times in Yoga posture. Pazhaya Seevaram on the banks of Palar is renowned for Santha (Peaceful) Narasimha temple

The temple is very well maintained by Gujaratis (All 'Doss' es were there in the plaques as Dharma KArthas.

Very near to this temple is Tirumukoodal Temple

Tirumukoodal Appan Venkatesa Perumal Temple

Tirumukoodal is where three rivers merge - Palar, Vedavati and Cheyyar.

This place is also called as Triveni Sangamam and the priest told us that this place is more auspicious than Allahabad

Appan Venkatesa Perumal is in Standing posture and is a trimurthi - with Locked Hairs ressembling Shiva, having Conch and Chakra of Vishnu and standing of Lotus like Brahma

This is also called Trimurthi KShetram
The temple is 'poorly' maintained by ASI (Archealogical Survey of India). The ASI's trademark Croton plants and cut grass makes the place more like a park than a temple

If ASI leaves this place to HR&CE it would be better

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