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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Organic Farming in Chennai / Chennai Organic Farm Developers and Consultants

Organic Farming in Tamil Nadu / Tamil Nadu Organic Farm Developers and Consultants

Organic farming is the natural way of cultivation. This goes back to olden days where the Farmer relies on the Pancha Bootha for better yield

Organic farming uses fertilizers and pesticides that are natural - Cow Dung, some plants that act as pesticide etc (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides etc)

Organic Farming (C) The Hindu
The food from Organic produce doesn't harm health and help one sustain a good life. There are many places where Organic farming has been taken-up in Tamil Nadu and Chennai in particular. A group of 20 IT Professionals are growing greens and vegetables near a farm in Tirunindravur (near Avadi), Nammazhvar is an expert in the field and has dedicated himself for that. Government provides good loans for Agriculture. What stops you from being a proud Farmer!

Please feel free to contact the following for more on the organic farming / eco-sustainable farming.

Vinod 99941 51506 

Kathir 94421 58955


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