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Friday, August 26, 2011

Karaneeswarar Temple Saidapet, Chennai

I have been living in Chennai for close to twenty years and never knew this temple for most of my life. When I moved out of Chennai, I read about this temple and its grace.

From that day I am yearning to visit this temple, but never happened. One day my good friend and our spiritual guruji Dhuvaraga Prasath Mohanram told that he is (or was) a regular there and his shoulders were reserved for Lord Muruga's chariot/palanquin. This kindled my hope that I will eventually visit this temple


This temple is close to Saidapet Railway station. Just 50 m walk from the station gate.

I took a train and alighted in Saidapet station. As I got down the station, got the darshan of the Rajagopuram - a seven storied structure.

There was a footpath that apperared to lead to the temple, I resisted that and came out of the main gate, which lead direct to the Karaneeswar temple street. Yes, this is what I want. Let's start the journey!

On entering the temple, Vinayaga welcomes us on left in a small temple. After getting his permission and blessings, I entered the temple. As I turn left, Lord Shiva as Karaneeswar gave his darshan right there. The time was 5:15 pm - middle of nithya pradosham ... I can't write the mood I was when I saw the god. It was simple great. The peaceful atmosphere created a great impact deep in my heart.

There was a fan near the fag end of barricade and I sat there chanting Om Nama Shivaya for some time and then moved around the Sanctum. Lord Vinayaga, Lord Dakshinamurthi, Lord Vishnu and Lordess Durga were around the Sanctum to bless the disciples.

As we turn straight and left from Shiva temple, Lordess Swarnambigai always ready to bless her foolish Sons and daughters was present.

What a grace. I recited few lines of Abirami Andadi (that's what this fool know till now) and came out and walked round the prakaram

The prakaram has many small temples, Lord Subramanya, Lord Saneeswara, Lord Vedagireeswar, Lord Palaniandy, Lord Hanuman and Navagraha temple

Have a nice trip!

Om Ganeshaya Namaha! Om Nama Shivaya! Om Sakthi! Om Saravana Bhava!

Om Satguru Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadike!

Om Varahi Namaha!


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