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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Temples in Saduragiri

There are many temples in Saduragiri. The first one is Vinayagar temple (Ganesh temple). Better to break some coconuts here for a safe journey

Adjacent to Lord Ganesh is the Kali Mata temple. Perform a Aarti here and take the next step

A few meters away from this temple is the Pechi Amman Temple and Karuppanna Swamy temple. Take the vibudhi of Karuppanasamy with you on the journey. He is the Kaval DEivam of this area and will ensure your safe return

On top you have another Karuappana Swamy temple. Next to it is a Well where the water was used to make gold by mixing some leaves

Saduragiri is a place of Siddhars. Every temple here is visited by thousands of Siddars. Some may stand next to you when you pray. You will feel it when you pray!

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